Harga package haji mengikut kategori

3rd August 2010

The Haj Committee yesterday announced the Haj “package” prices for pilgrims from Qatar this year. Those going by air will have to pay QR15,100 (A category) and QR12,400 (B category). The charges do not include plane fare.
Pilgrims going by bus (category C) have to pay QR9,200 maximum, a statement issued by the committee said.  
According to the statement, prices include accommodation, transport and food during the Haj days. 
Although the local Haj contractors, who have been officially notified about the prices, need to stick with the maximum prices set by the committee, they could offer lower rates based on the services included in their packages. 
The price list showed that there was a significant drop in the maximum rates of both A and B categories while the category C rate remained the same compared to that of last year’s Haj. 
Pilgrims from Qatar who travelled by air last year had to pay QR18,850 if they wanted to stay in both Makkah and Medina. This year the rate is QR15,100.
However, airfare was included in the package prices for last year’s pilgrimage.
Prices of each category vary based on whether the pilgrim opts to stay in both Makkah and Medinah or only in Makkah.
The lowest rate for those who would like to travel by land and would stay only in Makkah comes to QR8,120 this year. 
According to Islam, Muslims have to perform pilgrimage at least once during their life time.
The Haj falls in November this year.

Dipetik dari Gulf Times

Bagi yang menaiki pesawat, harga tiket belum ditentukan, tetapi biasanya antara 3-4 ribu QR


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